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Cruiseport Gloucester Wedding | Gloucester, Ma

  1. We met over the Summer of 2006 while volunteering at a church. We were both in high school at the time so that makes us high school sweethearts! Susan made the first move and the rest became history.

  2. Her: As corny as this may sound, I knew from the very start that he was the one. He was very supportive from the very beginning of our relationship and supported me throughout my academic career.

    Him: I think I knew she was the one when I could not go a day without thinking about her. It’s the feeling that I can’t spend the rest of my life without this woman.

  3. Our proposal was out of the ordinary. We didn’t go through the process where he got down on one knee and proposed. On Susan’s 23rd birthday, December 13, 2014, Mony surprised her with a “promise ring.” You can fill in the rest of the story and see how that ended; keep in mind this was after eight years of dating! Yup, the ring was upgraded to an engagement ring the following year.

  4. Her: I love that he is very supportive in everything that I do and is always pushing me to better myself. He keeps me grounded when I feel the world is tumbling down around me. He’s just overall an amazing guy and I’m excited to spend the rest of my life with him.

    Him: I love that she keeps me leveled. I am a workaholic and really needed that person to tell me to relax and enjoy life a little and take it one step at a time.

  5. Him: She laughs at my dumb jokes, even when I think it’s only funny to me.

  6. Her: He isn’t the type to show his emotions so I’m very excited to find out how he will react to seeing me for the first time on our wedding day. And of course our families and friends coming together to celebrate our special day with us.

    Him: Surprise everyone with our dance moves!

  7. We’re into this rustic winery theme and it’s something we both enjoy. We had a wine barrel card holder, corks escort cards, wine bottle centerpieces and artificial grapes; it was all wine throughout!

  8. Not work with a third party to book the most important part of capturing your wedding; like videographer and photographer. Know who you are working with and have an in person meeting with them before a contract is signed.

    Vendor List

    Hair/Makeup: Janet Choup & Lena Nguyen

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