'm here to create an unforgettable experience for you and your family. If you're searching for a wedding professional that has years of experience, one that will bring the absolute best out of you and your partner, make you feel comfortable, direct your family and wedding party with confidence, capture all the candid moments, collaborate with your vendors respectfully, and ensure every single detail is treated equally as important... you may have just ended your search. 

While working with us you can not only expect top-tier images but also a top-tier experience from start to finish. excellent communication, planning, organization, coaching, vision sharing, and team work are all things you can plan on experiencing while working with NCP. We cannot wait to meet you and your family! 

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Part of creating magical photos on your wedding day is being able to vibe with your photographer. You will be seeing us more than you'll be seeing most of your guest so it's imperative that we mesh well. Step one is to setup a time to sit down and chat with us about your big day. During this time we will walk your through the entire wedding-day experience, an overview of your timeline, and allow you to flip through a few of our sample albums. You can treat this like a first date, lets get to know each other and make sure we're a great fit! By the end of the "meeting" you'll have a full understanding of how we approach a wedding day (spoiler alert, it's different than most photographers) and you'll walk away knowing exactly what your timeline will look like. This is extremely helpful when trying to book other vendors such as hair and makeup.

1. Let's Vibe

Congrats, you're officially booked! Now what? Now we will work together to schedule your engagement session. This is your time to warm up to the camera, get all the fuzzy feelings out and create your first professional photos as a couple. Yes, we know -- you're not a model, you're likely nervous and think you're more awkward in front of a camera than the silence at a dinner table-- we've heard it all. But don't fret! You're hiring us to make you look like you know what you're doing -- thats literally our job! We'll work together to  pick a location, date, outfits, props, etc...  this is  your time to get cozy with us! By the time your engagement session is over you'll feel like we've known each other for years -- any doubt of hiring the perfect photographer is now non-existent. 

2. Get Cozy

Let's go backwards for a minute. Before your engagement session our design team is going to reach out to to schedule your session review and album design appointment. This is where you'll see all your photos for the first time and realize "wow, we actually are models!". Since our engagement sessions also include an album, this is when we'll reveal the design to you. During this reveal session you'll finalize the album (choose all your images, additional pages, album cover , etc...) . We will walk you though the entire process as well as present all of your wall art options. Our team not only specializes in creating beautiful imagery but we are also experts when it comes to designing custom wall art that will transform your house into a home. This is when your images truly come to life and become your first family heirloom. 

3. Your First Reveal

Now we plan the big day. About 30 days before your wedding we'll reach out with a finalized photography timeline so your day runs smoothly. We lay everything out so you know exactly when and where you'll be through each step of the day. Our design team will also reach out around this time to schedule your wedding reveal session. Just like your engagement reveal, this is where you'll see all your photos for the first time. You'll also get to pick the date, thats right, you get to choose when your photos are ready -- no waiting months to see your precious moments. 

During your wedding we will be everywhere you are, capturing all those tear-worthy images and epic - cinematic portraits. We will be everywhere you need us all while staying incognito. Because no one likes an overbearing photographer that tries to steal the show. It's your day, not ours. 

4. Plan. Shoot. Deliver.

Congrats, you did it! You're officially married and your photos are just begging to be seen by you. Remember that meeting you scheduled with our design manager? Now is the time to get the champagne because we're going to celebrate! During this [virtual] meeting you're going to relive the day through the images we created for you. We'll start with a slideshow of our favorite hand-picked images (bring the tissues). From there we will work together to design your wedding album -- you'll get to choose your images and we'll do the designing. At the end of this meeting you'll walk away with a fully designed album (we'll place the order that night) and a link to download all your wedding photos. Congrats, you did it! The married-life journey has just begun and we couldn't be happier to be a part of it. 

5. The BIG Reveal

The ncp experience overview

From the first hello.


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We have had the honor of being featured in a variety of publications both online and in print.


"Remember the night we watched the sunset and played in the dirt at the apple orchards, Dad?" Those were the words that came from my 6 year old daughter as she pointed to the framed images on our walls. Images of her and her brother holding hands looking at the horizon as the sun was falling beneath the horizon. We continued the conversation, replaying each moment that unfolded that evening. This was a very small moment for my family. One that would likely never be remembered if it weren't for me deciding to take my camera out that night and more importantly, taking the time to print the images that were being stowed away on the memory card. Each time we walk into our home we graze past a plethora of images that bring us back to that very evening and many more -- reminding us each day how special those small moments are. 

As I type this I hold back tears of happiness just thinking of those memories. A photograph freezes a moment in time, nothing is more powerful than that. Now, each weekend I get the opportunity to to document the marriage of two people -- arguably the most important day of their life. If those small moments bring tears of joy to me, I can only imagine the feeling a bride and groom get when they walk into their home and are reminded each day that they married the person of their dreams. As a photographer it's my obligation is to provide my couples with an experience that allows them to turn their most precious moments into everyday memories. It's my job to ensure those digital files sitting on that memory card are crafted into a piece of art or an album that allows you to relive your entire day, everyday.          

"As a photographer it's my obligation is to provide my couples with an experience that allows them to turn their most precious moments into everyday memories. It's my job to ensure those digital files sitting on that memory card are crafted into a piece of art or an album that allows you to relive your entire day, everyday."          


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A complex experience of consciousness, bodily sensation, and behaviour that reflects the personal significance of a thing, an event, or a state of mind.





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The benefits of reminiscing are widely recognized as having a positive effect on the emotional well-being of elderly people.





A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.

we're helping you create a

home /hōm/







Something that you do or that happens to you, especially something important that affects you.






A true family

an object of special value handed down from generation to generation.

Independently powerful; you present yourself with elegance and confidence while not afraid to seek adventure. You’re madly in love with one another, each with an old soul and strong family values. You are a power couple.

You're not afraid to adventure off the beaten path, but never pass up a cocktail dress and heels.

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You know exactly what you want and you invest your time wisely. You’re open to suggestions, value our expertise, and appreciate the fact that you trust everything will be taken care of.

Are meticulous and collaborative.

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Wow! Where to even begin! Nate is incredible at what he does. He did such a great job at making myself and my husband feel comfortable during our engagement shoot and the pictures came out amazing! We didn't think it could get any better until we saw our wedding day photos. Everything came out absolutely gorgeous. We could not recommend Nate enough, he is a true professional with a great personality who will make you feel right at ease.

   e didn't think it could get any better until we saw our wedding day photos."



- Laura & Ed

Nate is an absolute professional and artist. Nate shot our wedding last year and did an incredible job. I work in a creative industry and really wanted a photographer that did more than just take photos... and Nate surpassed my expectations. He turned our most special moments into art and I'm so grateful to have these photos.

ur photos are modern, dreamy, and feel like they could have been in a fashion magazine"



- Laura & Steve

I am so glad that I was able to get Nate to do my wedding photography. I cannot stress enough what an AMAZING job Nate and Roy did! It rained on my wedding day and the hotel we were at did not have good lighting or places to take pictures, but you would never be able to tell! Nate went above and beyond to get the perfect shot and did wonders when it came to lighting.

 love looking back at my pictures and reliving every moment!"



- Andrew & Trang

He consistently showed up early, prepared, and excited. Between the engagement shoot and wedding, we climbed on lobster traps, frolicked in the ocean, and ran through soaked fields in formal attire. Nate was as excited as us to get his feet wet (literally) to capture the raw emotion; creating the most beautiful unique shots. Don’t hesitate to hire Nate Creamer Photography—you will not be disappointed!

rom the moment
we met Nate, we knew he was our guy."

- Nancy & Matt



Photography for your wedding should definitely be your top priority (since the photography will last you forever!) and you will not be disappointed by hiring Nate—I promise!!! He's simply the best of the best and no one else compares to his work, attention to detail, commitment to customer service, and style. I’m SO glad we had Nate for both days (Engagement and Wedding). Best decision ever!

ate is the most fantastic and talented photographer ever!”



- Avesta & Humayun