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Worcester Art Museum Engagement Session

We started this engagement session at the Worcester art museum. If you’ve never been here I highly recommend taking the time to visit. The museum is littered with gorgeous modern and historic art.

Shooting here definitely had its challenges because they have quite a few restrictions on photography. I had to be very careful where I set my gear as well as where I posed the couple. Lighting was especially tricky since they don’t allow flash in certain areas of the museum. I am a fanatic when it comes to lighting so I had to get creative with what I had. In the images below where the couple is between the pillars I had Andrews mom hiding behind one those pillars with a video light 🙂 As always, I had to adjust to the situation and do whatever needed to be done to create something the couple would love!

Eventually we made our way outside where we were greeted by gorgeous overcast skies. I think this is where the real fun began. Trang and Andrew started to get more comfortable and from a photography stand point it was absolutely perfect conditions. We then moved the session to a local park where we captured some gorgeous shots of Andrew and Trang on a historic bridge. From there, we finished up with some really fun shots of the couple on a set of playground swings. This engagement session was actually shot just weeks before their wedding day so we will have their wedding photos on our blog next, stay tuned!

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