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Liberty Hotel Boston Wedding

We met at the University of Rochester during undergrad.

The proposal took place on a jetty in Provincetown Cape Cod. We spend a lot of time on Cape Cod, but had not gone to Provincetown and planned a trip for late spring. It was a kind of gloomy day, which was nice because there were not many other people around at the time. I (Courtney) knew it would be coming at some point, but did not expect it that weekend. We actually had a long vacation planned a couple weeks later and I thought it was going to happen then (Max didn’t want to go through airport security with the ring, so it happened before haha).

I love her competitive nature and how driven she is. She is one of the hardest working people I have ever met and she is willing to give everything she has in order to succeed.

I love Max’s kindness, his support, and his general demeanor. He always makes me laugh and reminds me that it’s okay to be weird (which I am). I can truly be myself around him.

Sometimes when she jokes around and pokes fun at me she tries to imitate my voice and she ends up sounding like everyone from Winnie the Pooh. It’s very cute.

Max can quote almost every Will Ferrell movie and will just do it randomly. It always makes me laugh every time.

Dancing and celebrating with our family and friends.

Dark floral accents (our florist did a great job of incorporating the dark accents that I wanted without making it overwhelming. I wanted to include flowers like astilbe and anenomes) and non-traditional wedding gowns (I was obsessed with my train and the bell sleeves on my gown).

Things get the most hectic towards the end! There are a lot of little details that you don’t realize until you get closer to the day.

Vendor List

Poppy Floral (Meghan Perlow is the owner)

St. Leonard’s Church

The Liberty Hotel

Ashley Beck

(Band): Encore (from Wilson Stevens Bands)


Vows (in Watertown)

Hair: Kelsey Norling

Makeup: Amanda Stowell

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