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Cliff House Maine Wedding

Larry and Joe tied the knot in December of 2019 at Cliff House Maine and it was nothing less than magical. Larry and Joe are just one of those couples that make you want to smile anytime they’re in the room. They were both filled with so much great energy (aside from when Joe’s shirt button decided it just wasn’t going to stay the morning of his wedding 😂) and it made the day a breeze. I dont remember the weather exactly however it must’ve been in the teens. The lo w temps paired with a gusty ocean breeze made pictures quite interesting. This wasn’t going to stop Larry and Joe from getting pictures that truly reflected how special their day was.

Although the majority of the day was spent indoors, when it was time for Larry and Joe to get some portraits we went straight to the cliffs. Climbing over “do not enter’ signs and scooting our way across the icy stairs, we were bound to get to the beautiful landscape that this venue is known for. We worked as quickly as possible to snap some photos because at this point everyone was practically numb. We headed back inside and finished up their portraits in the lobby and the ceremony underway.

Larry and Joe shedded a few tears as they read their vows until eventually saying their “I do’s” and exchanging a first kiss. Shortly after the ceremony they switched their outfits into something a little more party friendly. The reception began, the drinks started flowing, and well… you can imagine the rest 🙂

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