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Marisa and Ro | Ocean Gateway Wedding Portland, ME

  1. Ro: Because I was looking fly af and Marisa approached me. She couldn’t resist my good looks and dance movesand asked me to dance. Because of that she not only earned herself a drink but also a lifetime dance partner.

    Marisa: I was out for the night celebrating the start of my senior year of college. We went to a local college bar and I saw a cute guy (Ro) and asked him to dance. He said yes, and we hit it off!

  2. Marisa: Anyone who meets Ro will know he is the one of the most personable and silly people you will meet. Those qualities won me over initially. However, it was his ability to work hard at communication and always be up for learning more about my passions and interests that made me know, he’s a keeper!

    Ro: I can’t pin it to one moment, for me one moment couldn’t define why I wanted to marry this person. It was the culmination of everything including the way she cared about me and my family. The way she pushes herself is inspiring and always makes me want to push myself to be better.

  3. Ro: Because we enjoy craft brews and one of our favorite places to go to is Slumbrew, I figured I’d put the two together. After calling Slumbrew they emphatically agreed to go along with the plan to propose to Marisa. I set up a secret Facebook event to invite some of our close friends to witness the proposal. Slumbrew wanted to pretend they wanted to put a new brew on tap, which really was the “Marisa will you marry me sign”. As a staff manager was bringing out their “new beer” I asked Marisa to order the next beer on tap. Marisa ordered the beer, the manager played “Marry me” by Bruno Mars and I popped the question.

    Marisa: I was very surprised at the timing of the proposal because it was on a Tuesday, a week after our anniversary celebration in Florida. I thought we were going to see Moana at the movies with a quick stop at the brewery for drinks. I was shocked when it happened, and so happy with the surprise of friends to celebrate with on the spot.

  4. Ro: I truly love how she puts her all into everything. If she can make something perfect, she really strives for that. She has a relentless drive inspires me and continues to inspire me.

    Marisa: Ro has a way to make everyone feel welcome and valued even if it’s his first time meeting them. You are hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love Ro on their first impression because he makes them feel valued, listened to, and part of the group. I think that’s such an important quality of a person to make others feel valued.

  5. Ro: Marisa’s silly dances such as her famed penguin dance

    Marisa: Ro likes to make up R&B songs with titles that are not related to the content and he also adlibs responses to songs on the radio.

  6. Ro: Seeing all the people that we care about under one roof.

    Marisa: Breaking it down on the dance floor with everyone to our favorite songs

  7. Marisa: I love that first looks are trending, it captures the raw emotion and moment between the couple alone.

    Our wedding colors were inspired by being next to the ocean and our food tried to capture the many cultures our families bring to the table: Paraguayan, Haitian, Italian, and Jewish.

  8. That venues get booked super far in advance, so move quickly when you find one you like! We were very fortunate to find a place that we love with a date that was perfect!


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    Colin Shepard Films

    Ocean Gateway Portland, ME

    Ocean Gateway Portland, ME

    Stella York

    Madeline’s Daughter Portsmouth, NH

    Caterer: White Apron Catering Dover, NH

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