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Searles Castle Wedding | Josceline & Jon

  1. We first met for frozen yogurt at Cafe Bishco in Gloucester, MA.  My uncle (one of Jonathan’s good friends) had heard us both complaining about dates we had been on and, knowing our interests, thought we should meet.  My uncle hatched this super awkward plan that we would “spontaneously” meet at this frozen yogurt spot, but it was so obviously not spontaneous!  So the three of us spent an hour of laughter and smiles which led to a real first date the following weekend and the rest is history!

  2. We had talked about marriage and had even gone as far as looking at rings.  I thought it might happen around Valentine’s Day 2017 (we go to NY every Valentine’s Day for a work trip of Jonathan’s), but wasn’t really sure.  November 2016, Jonathan has been acting sort of stressed for a few weeks, which I had chalked up to work stuff since it is a busy time for him.  He picked me up from the train after work on Friday, November 11th and was in a rush  to get us to Portland, ME where we were going to a charity gala with both of our parents and my grandparents.  I was really into knitting hats for Christmas gifts so I was knitting the whole car ride and didn’t notice that he had driven us to this beautiful scenic lookout along the ocean in Portland (instead of the hotel where we had rooms for the gala).  The place was beautiful, it was getting close to sunset, the flowers were still in bloom, there were girls taking photos of the view.  He told me he had to stop to meet his friend Kevin to do a shoe swap (he collects shoes) which I didn’t think anything of (though he has never done this before).  I agreed to get out of the car with him as I had never gotten to meet his friend Kevin, but then he starts walking us to the gazebo (which Kevin was obviously not waiting in).  Still didn’t really think much of it since it was a beautiful night and Jonathan can be very romantic!  However, we got up onto the gazebo and he started to get down on one knee.  I immediately started freaking out and tried to wait as long as I could before jumping on him!  It was such a magical experience and could not have been more perfect!  Turned out he had hired the girls I thought were there for the view and they were taking photos of the whole thing real time!  We eventually went to the hotel where we celebrated with our parents and enjoyed the gala!  It was the perfect night!

  3. Jonathan – her hugs!

    Josceline – his rapping skills!

  4. Pictures with the wonderful Nate Creamer!  But seriously, dancing the night away together!

  5. Outdoor games and greenery!

  6. Telling people to put their initials next to their meal choice on the RSVPs!  We just told them to choose so a lot of people put check marks or numbers, but we realized after the fact we had no way of knowing who wanted what for each couple.  It worked out just fine, but would have been a little easier for the venue had we been able to know.

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